This is a very important question, and one I get asked often. The truth is, there isn’t a magic number of treatments that will solve everyone’s problems. Each person’s care is unique; tailored to them and their health goals. The most common short-term goal patients look for is a solution for the pain that they are in.

However, in my experience, a problem is rarely over just because the pain has gone. Even though at that moment everything feels great again, it is important to ask yourself “what caused my pain in the first place and how do I prevent it from returning?”

Your body manages to cope with most of the stresses thrown its way, but over time, those little stresses build up and eventually become too much for the body to handle.

These stresses, for the most part, can be managed and kept under control by leading a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and being kind to your body. But sometimes we don’t notice the pressure building until it is too late, and it results in the body becoming completely overwhelmed. At this point, your body’s alarm bells start to ring out in the form of pain.

This is your body saying to you “I’m not happy and something needs to change”.

It is very important to understand that pain is merely a symptom of an underlying problem and not the problem itself. When the pain has sub-sided and the body is “ready” to do the hard work, we can begin correcting the root cause of the issue which caused the pain in the first place.

  1. Pain relief is therefore the first stage, and the thing we want to get under control as quickly as possible so we can resume our daily activities.
  2. The second stage is concerned with strengthening and rehabilitating those tissues that have been put under prolonged stress. This stage can take some time as healing doesn’t just happen overnight. Just imagine how long those tissues have been under stress… they will need some time to repair themselves fully.
  3. And the third phase is maintenance. The last thing you want after doing all of the hard work is for your body to start taking on increasing stresses again. Receiving chiropractic care on a regular basis combined with daily targeted exercises can help keep these stresses at bay meaning that you can be at your best for longer!

If you have any questions or any topic areas you would like me to explore, please get in touch.

Stefan Lees